About Us

Kinetix is an industry leader with a team established in 1986 that has worked together for more than 30 years.

Our vendor and client relationships cover every country in the world and have existed for up to 30 years. Clients include corporations, U.S. and foreign governments, and global non-governmental organizations.

These relationships reflect the trust our clients have in Kinetix and our integrity, consistency, and expertise. Our incredibly high employee retention proves that our core values guide our operations every day. Our employees grow with our clients, and develop a keen understanding of their strategy and objectives. We expect no less from our partners around the world, and have positioned Kinetix to leverage our volume and coverage to our client’s benefit, every time.

Our team has an average tenure in their specialty of over 20 years, operating in service, government and corporate environments. We provide expert support for the strategic growth and development of our clients through the provision of services in over 190 countries worldwide.

Our clients choose Kinetix for our global reach, our flexible programs, our competitive pricing and our expert delivery. They demand agile implementation that integrates directly into their objectives and has the flexibility to change with the markets and environments where they operate. All of our client partnerships are founded on the application of key metrics with commitments in the areas of service delivery, cost transparency and complete accountability.

Whether supporting complex project logistics, U.S. domestic or expatriate programs, or freight forwarding, Kinetix is the choice for cost effectiveness and seamless service delivery.