Rapid Quote Response

Kinetix International understands that our clients’ time is valuable and should not be hindered by delayed procurement cycles. Kinetix commits to ensure that an accurate and timely quote response will be delivered within 24 hours of request. We will notify our clients should additional response time be required for larger or more complex quote requests.

Related Services


Route Studies and Consultation

Kinetix deploys logistics managers to your project destination to survey transportation infrastructures, host country regulations and effective local agents.  It’s this thorough understanding of the logistics environment that allows our staff of experienced professionals to develop a transportation plan with cargo speed, safety and cost effectiveness in mind.


Freight Forwarding

Kinetix utilizes all modes of transportation to move your cargo including rail, truck, ocean going vessel, barge and aircraft. We are an FMC licensed OTI (ocean transportation intermediary) with extensive past performance in the transport of full container loads (FCL), less than container loads (LCL), less than truck loads (LTL) and trailer loads (TL). Kinetix is also a TSA certified indirect air carrier providing air freight services including air charters, regular break bulk, rolling stock, and oversize break bulk. Our highly trained staff, advanced IT capability and communication links to agents and carriers throughout the world allows us to plan, coordinate, transport, clear, and deliver any kind of shipment to any destination.  Our global reach is fully complemented by logistics professionals utilizing an advanced shipment management system for preparing documents, coordinating routes and tracking shipments on a real-time basis.

Last Mile Delivery

Kinetix has the breadth of experience to operate in environments that discourage risk adverse logistics companies. Our company culture of intelligent risk mitigation and thinking outside the box provides our clients with world class service to some of the most remote and austere areas in the world.  We will work right alongside your “outside the wire” project teams to perform deliveries others would think impossible.