Route Studies and Consultation

Kinetix deploys logistics managers to your project destination to survey transportation infrastructures, host country regulations and effective local agents. It’s this thorough understanding of the logistics environment that allows our staff of experienced professionals to develop a transportation plan with cargo speed, safety and cost effectiveness in mind.

Related Services

Export Compliance

Kinetix serves as a valuable and knowledgeable partner to our clients to ensure that imports, exports and exporting procedures are consistent with US government regulations.  The Kinetix logistics team can provide export compliance audits, commodity classification assistance and a host of other solutions tailored for your organization.

Rapid Quote Response

Kinetix values your time and it is our goal to insure you receive an accurate and timely quote response from us within 24 hours of your request. You will be proactively notified should additional time be needed for larger or more complex quote requests.

Receiving, Inspection and Warehousing

The Kinetix materials management system provides global efficiency, accountability and visibility for any number and size of commodities.   Kinetix provides receiving, inspection and materials protection techniques tailored to clients operating in developing countries.  Cargo delivered to a Kinetix warehouse is meticulously inspected for damage, shortage or US government acquisition compliance.  After the receiving and inspection procedure is completed, Kinetix can provide a cadre of specialty warehouse services such as consolidation, kitting, over packing and crating for standard, hazardous or temperature controlled cargo