Internal Pre-Invoice Auditing

Cost accuracy is vital to the proper planning and management of all successful relocation programs. Kinetix International provides an invoice auditing process that actually begins with the pre-move survey and is completed upon the delivery and termination of all service requirements. Our team of specialists audits each carrier invoice for policy adherence, estimate accuracy, exceptions approval, risk management, tariff application and bottom-line accuracy. Our valued clients know that Kinetix is fully accountable for invoice accuracy and cost sensitivity.

Related Services

Risk Management & Claims Resolution

Protecting the personal possessions of the transferees we move is paramount to Kinetix. We maintain a finely tuned risk management program to ensure the maximum full replacement coverage is in place prior to any servicing. In the rare occurrence that a Kinetix placed move results in loss or damage, we provide a transferee friendly and rapid claims process in order to ensure that employee productivity is not hindered due a lengthy settlement process. Claims occurrence ratios and settlement times are key performance indicators in awarding business to our service partners.


Move Policy Review, Design & Construction

Kinetix International understands that they key foundation for both a service and cost effective household goods move program is a clear and precise corporate policy. In order that Kinetix can deliver Best in Class service, it is imperative that we understand a corporation’s culture, their goals and objectives from both an employee and strategic business perspective, and their requirements for complete accountability. By operating within this formula for execution, Kinetix is prepared to adhere to the guidelines of a finely tuned policy, or assist our valued clients in the design and development of a unique and custom built management tool. Our account management team has vast knowledge of moving & storage practices both domestically and international, and is prepared to support our valued clients in creating a sound and competitive policy.


Door-to-Door Services

International moving services are planned using a door-to-door timeline. Kinetix International assumes the responsibility as client advocate to ensure that all providers employed deliver their specialty services in the most satisfactory, complete and cost effective manner available. Kinetix oversees each phase of this process and works “directly” with all specialists in order to provide a seamless and effective move. Our expert Transportation Counselors work both individually with each provider, while coordinating the process to meet their committed timeline. Further, Kinetix negotiates each phase of the door-to-door process to deliver a competitive bottom-line.