Kinetix International Logistics’ Household Goods Management Division specializes in the design and delivery of innovative transportation programs for Fortune 500 and emerging growth corporations, NGO’s, multinational organizations, governmental agencies and third party relocation management companies worldwide.

Kinetix is recognized as a leader in household goods moving in developing countries. Our institutional knowledge of the Federal Acquisition Regulations (FAR), global transportation infrastructure and country specific customs procedures define our unique position in this growing market.

Kinetix is committed to building a custom moving & storage program to meet our clients’ business and financial strategies. We understand that a successful household goods move is more than just delivering an employee’s possessions to their final destination. It includes earning the trust of our valued clients, creating a comfort level for the transferee during the move process and understanding the importance of being accountable in every facet of the service delivery process.

Consultation & Financial Services


Move Policy Review, Design & Construction

Kinetix International understands that they key foundation for both a service and cost effective household goods move program is a clear and precise corporate policy. In order that Kinetix can deliver Best in Class service, it is imperative that we understand a corporation’s culture, their goals and objectives from both an employee and strategic business perspective, and their requirements for complete accountability. By operating within this formula for execution, Kinetix is prepared to adhere to the guidelines of a finely tuned policy, or assist our valued clients in the design and development of a unique and custom built management tool. Our account management team has vast knowledge of moving & storage practices both domestically and international, and is prepared to support our valued clients in creating a sound and competitive policy.


Custom Management Reporting

Kinetix International understands that information sharing is a vital tool that corporations utilize to track their employees move activity, view cost control data, and measure the key performance indicators against end service results. Through Odyssey, our proprietary information management system, our clients not only received periodic custom reporting, but can view live information on line through a password protected web portal.

Project & Cargo Logistics


Route Studies and Consultation

Kinetix deploys logistics managers to your project destination to survey transportation infrastructures, host country regulations and effective local agents.  It’s this thorough understanding of the logistics environment that allows our staff of experienced professionals to develop a transportation plan with cargo speed, safety and cost effectiveness in mind.

Rapid Quote Response

Kinetix values your time and it is our goal to insure you receive an accurate and timely quote response from us within 24 hours of your request. You will be proactively notified should additional time be needed for larger or more complex quote requests.


Expediting Purchase Orders with Vendors

Kinetix initiates full control of your supply chain by actively engaging your commodity vendors to determine order completion.  We then create a transportation plan based on the production schedules. This process provides our clients with critical decision making information mitigating project downtime at destination.

Export Compliance

Kinetix serves as a valuable and knowledgeable partner to our clients to ensure that imports, exports and exporting procedures are consistent with US government regulations.  The Kinetix logistics team can provide export compliance audits, commodity classification assistance and a host of other solutions tailored for your organization.

Export Packing and Crating

Kinetix International Logistics is adept at minimizing damages to freight while in transit. Depending on cargo type, Kinetix provides customized packaging ranging from shrink wrapping to full export crating. Our extensive experience in shipping cargo to developing countries affords us with an understanding of the conditions freight can be exposed to during transit and how to export pack the cargo so that it will be delivered securely. Air shipments are packed in wooden crates or tri-wall containers to ensure cargo integrity and for easy handling. Ocean shipments can be custom crated as necessary right on the premises. All dangerous and hazardous goods are dispatched by our warehouse staff to a licensed hazardous materials packer for proper containerization prior to export.


Freight Forwarding

Kinetix utilizes all modes of transportation to move your cargo including rail, truck, ocean going vessel, barge and aircraft. We are an FMC licensed OTI (ocean transportation intermediary) with extensive past performance in the transport of full container loads (FCL), less than container loads (LCL), less than truck loads (LTL) and trailer loads (TL). Kinetix is also a TSA certified indirect air carrier providing air freight services including air charters, regular break bulk, rolling stock, and oversize break bulk. Our highly trained staff, advanced IT capability and communication links to agents and carriers throughout the world allows us to plan, coordinate, transport, clear, and deliver any kind of shipment to any destination.  Our global reach is fully complemented by logistics professionals utilizing an advanced shipment management system for preparing documents, coordinating routes and tracking shipments on a real-time basis.

Reporting and Tracking

Kinetix is the industry leader in providing precise, real-time reporting and tracking information to support your project management needs. We utilize highly trained logistics professionals and an expandable, state of the art, computerized cargo tracking system called Odyssey. Odyssey is a Windows based client/server system that traces purchase order line and sub line items through receiving, export packing and forwarding to final delivery. Odyssey creates all necessary shipping documentation and prepares reports for our clients so that they can follow an individual purchase order component through each stage of its transport to the final destination.  For high value or sensitive shipments requiring advanced tracking capability, Kinetix offers continuous, real-time visibility to your assets via the installation of a tracking device that uses Iridium, GPS, RFID and other wireless sensors to pinpoint its location via Google Earth mapping.

Receiving, Inspection and Warehousing

The Kinetix materials management system provides global efficiency, accountability and visibility for any number and size of commodities.   Kinetix provides receiving, inspection and materials protection techniques tailored to clients operating in developing countries.  Cargo delivered to a Kinetix warehouse is meticulously inspected for damage, shortage or US government acquisition compliance.  After the receiving and inspection procedure is completed, Kinetix can provide a cadre of specialty warehouse services such as consolidation, kitting, over packing and crating for standard, hazardous or temperature controlled cargo


Vessels and Aircraft Chartering

In addition to transporting cargo on commercial aircraft and ocean vessels, Kinetix has extensive experience in part-charter and full charter options for both air and ocean shipments.  Chartering is an effective method for delivering high volume, oversize or out of gauge cargo. We even utilize it to circumvent risk and delays over dangerous overland routes.  We routinely by-pass the charter brokers and negotiate directly with the carriers so as to achieve a better service at more competitive rates.


Hazmat Transportation

The staff of Kinetix maintains IATA (air), IMDG (ocean) and 49 CFR (ground) transportation compliance and certifications.  We regularly ship everything from radioactive material for US government agencies to explosives for global demining projects.   Kinetix is also a licensed DDTC supplier with the US Department of State and our logistics professionals have first-hand experience handling, tracking and record-keeping for cargo exporting under DSP-5 and DSP-94 export licenses. 


Commercial Logistics

Kinetix is one of the fastest growing providers of domestic and international logistics support for commercial and retail cargo projects such as store format revitalizations and factory transfers.  Our logistics professionals provide single source accountability for project planning, supplier management, materials management, warehousing, tear down, installation, distribution and disposal services. 



Kinetix maintains extraordinarily low claims ratios given the difficulty of our shipping destinations.  This is a testament to our successful integration of shipment planning, packing and tracking combined with our institutional knowledge of the risk factors in each developing country. Our consistently low claims ratios gives us the ability to offer our clients comprehensive all risk transit insurance at incredibly low rates.  In the unlikely event a claim is filed, it will be handled congenially and in the best interests of our client. 

Customs Clearance

Kinetix is recognized as an industry leader in the rapid and accurate custom clearances of duty exempt project cargo shipments worldwide. This results in increased productivity and reduced project down time. Our team of specialists emphasizes accurate detail in the preparation of export documentation and effective communication with government agencies worldwide.  Frequent travel to host countries and meetings with local customs officials and agents provides Kinetix with an exceptional understanding of each country’s customs processes.

Last Mile Delivery

Kinetix has the breadth of experience to operate in environments that discourage risk adverse logistics companies. Our company culture of intelligent risk mitigation and thinking outside the box provides our clients with world class service to some of the most remote and austere areas in the world.  We will work right alongside your “outside the wire” project teams to perform deliveries others would think impossible.

International Services

Independent Network of Agents

Kinetix International utilizes an independent network of pre-qualified international origin and destination agents regardless of van line or industry affiliation. The international agents we employ to perform export pack, load, transportation and delivery services are measured through a series of key performance indicators which are reviewed quarterly in order to maintain satisfactory service consistency. The Kinetix operation’s charter avoids business relationships built on reciprocity, which has been a traditional yet not client advantageous process for years.

Expertise in Developing Countries

Kinetix International specializes in providing world class international moving services for growth corporations, and US Government Agencies and their contractors operating in developing companies. Our institutional knowledge of the Federal Acquisition Regulations (FAR), global transportation infrastructures and country specific customs procedures positions us as one of the most unique moving providers for the international development community. Our past performance of operating in complex environments for USAID, the Peace Corps and the US Department of State provides our clients with confidence in our abilities in this unique market.


Pre-Move Surveys

Every Kinetix International household goods moves requires that we perform a pre-move survey in order to ensure that policy, move requirements and cost accuracy are defined at the onset of the process. The survey results are inspected to further ensure that the proper labor team is provided, all necessary packing materials are available, enough van space is reserved, and realistic service dates for pack, load and delivery are committed. Proper tariff application and post-move invoice auditing begin with the pre-move survey.

Rapid Quote Response

Kinetix International understands that our clients’ time is valuable and should not be hindered by delayed procurement cycles. Kinetix commits to ensure that an accurate and timely quote response will be delivered within 24 hours of request. We will notify our clients should additional response time be required for larger or more complex quote requests.

Door-to-Door Services

International moving services are planned using a door-to-door timeline. Kinetix International assumes the responsibility as client advocate to ensure that all providers employed deliver their specialty services in the most satisfactory, complete and cost effective manner available. Kinetix oversees each phase of this process and works “directly” with all specialists in order to provide a seamless and effective move. Our expert Transportation Counselors work both individually with each provider, while coordinating the process to meet their committed timeline. Further, Kinetix negotiates each phase of the door-to-door process to deliver a competitive bottom-line.


Expert Export Wrapping

Every Kinetix International origin services crew is trained specifically for international packing, export wrapping and loading. The vast majority of our agents are also FIDI, FAIM and RIM certified. At the transferee’s residence, the origin crew will perform their tasks as the transferee observes in order to maintain confidence and satisfaction. All furniture and fragile items will be wrapped with bubble plastic or paper padding as required. Special crates and export packing materials will be constructed for fragile and oversized items.


Licensed Ocean & Freight Forwarding

Kinetix International is a TSA certified Indirect Air Carrier and FMC licensed Ocean Transportation Intermediary that negotiates and manages household goods moving services worldwide. Our team of highly trained specialists coordinates the door- to – door management of both service delivery and communications. Kinetix defines a custom transportation plan for each shipment with emphasis on transit time, cost effectiveness, risk management and shipment integrity through to completion. When handling shipments to developing countries, Kinetix maintains a contingency plan should geographic conditions dictate change. Kinetix regularly monitors the shipment from door- to – door to ensure the timely and safe arrival of the transferee’s personal effects.


Customs Clearance

Kinetix International is recognized as an industry leader in the rapid and accurate custom clearances of household goods moves worldwide, which results in our client employee’s timely return to business productivity in the host country. Our team of specialists emphasizes accurate detail in the preparation of export documentation and effective communication with government agencies worldwide. Frequent travel to host countries and meetings with local customs officials and agents provide Kinetix with an exceptional understanding each country’s customs processes.


Permanent Storage Management

Storage of personal effects is a customary requirement for international transferees. Kinetix maintains a permanent storage control program that ensures for the safety of the possessions while in storage and the integrity of the shipment upon delivery out, once the overseas assignment is complete. Kinetix has negotiated favorable storage rates with our worldwide partners, and seeks state of art facilities when assigning storage. Kinetix ensures that the assigned warehousing meets defined standards set forth by Kinetix as available.


Risk Management & Claims Resolutions

Protecting the personal possessions of the transferees we move is paramount to Kinetix. We maintain a finely tuned risk management program to ensure the maximum full replacement coverage is in place for both the transportation and storage alike.Our Transportation Counselors are well versed in assisting transferees in determining the value of their personal effects and how to complete valued inventory documents for insurance protection. In the rare occurrence that a Kinetix placed moved results in loss or damage, we provide a transferee friendly and rapid claims process in order to ensure that employee productivity is not hindered due to a lengthy settlement process. Claims occurrence ratios and settlement times are key performance indicators in awarding business to our service partners.


Internal Pre-Invoice Auditing

Cost accuracy is vital to the proper planning and management of all successful international relocation programs. Kinetix International provides an invoice auditing process that actually begins with the pre-move survey and is completed upon the delivery and termination of all service requirements. International moving is unique in that there is no universal tariff which dictates the maximum cost of all move related services. Kinetix negotiates favorable rates for all origin, transportation and destination services with pre-qualified service providers world-wide. Our team of specialists audits each service invoice for policy adherence, estimate accuracy, risk management, compliance with international rates and bottom-line accuracy. Our valued clients know that Kinetix is fully accountable for invoice accuracy and cost sensitivity.