Expert Export Wrapping

Every Kinetix International origin services crew is trained specifically for international packing, export wrapping and loading. The vast majority of our agents are also FIDI, FAIM and RIM certified. At the transferee’s residence, the origin crew will perform their tasks as the transferee observes in order to maintain confidence and satisfaction. All furniture and fragile items will be wrapped with bubble plastic or paper padding as required. Special crates and export packing materials will be constructed for fragile and oversized items.

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Permanent Storage Management

Storage of personal effects is a customary requirement for international transferees. Kinetix maintains a permanent storage control program that ensures for the safety of the possessions while in storage and the integrity of the shipment upon delivery out, once the overseas assignment is complete. Kinetix has negotiated favorable storage rates with our worldwide partners, and seeks state of art facilities when assigning storage. Kinetix ensures that the assigned warehousing meets defined standards set forth by Kinetix as available.

Door-to-Door Services

International moving services are planned using a door-to-door timeline. Kinetix International assumes the responsibility as client advocate to ensure that all providers employed deliver their specialty services in the most satisfactory, complete and cost effective manner available. Kinetix oversees each phase of this process and works “directly” with all specialists in order to provide a seamless and effective move. Our expert Transportation Counselors work both individually with each provider, while coordinating the process to meet their committed timeline. Further, Kinetix negotiates each phase of the door-to-door process to deliver a competitive bottom-line.

Small Shipment Program

New hires and single corporate transferees often have fewer possessions than families with full size homes, etc. Kinetix has designed a “small shipment program” which reduces the range of service delivery dates, while further reducing the cost of the move and extended temporary living requirements often caused by smaller shipments.