Move Policy Review, Design & Construction

Kinetix International understands that they key foundation for both a service and cost effective household goods move program is a clear and precise corporate policy. In order that Kinetix can deliver Best in Class service, it is imperative that we understand a corporation’s culture, their goals and objectives from both an employee and strategic business perspective, and their requirements for complete accountability. By operating within this formula for execution, Kinetix is prepared to adhere to the guidelines of a finely tuned policy, or assist our valued clients in the design and development of a unique and custom built management tool. Our account management team has vast knowledge of moving & storage practices both domestically and international, and is prepared to support our valued clients in creating a sound and competitive policy.

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Pre-Move Surveys

Every Kinetix International household goods moves requires that we perform a pre-move survey in order to ensure that policy, move requirements and cost accuracy are defined at the onset of the process. The survey results are inspected to further ensure that the proper labor team is provided, all necessary packing materials are available, enough van space is reserved, and realistic service dates for pack, load and delivery are committed. Proper tariff application and post-move invoice auditing begin with the pre-move survey.

Reporting and Tracking

Kinetix is the industry leader in providing precise, real-time reporting and tracking information to support your project management needs. We utilize highly trained logistics professionals and an expandable, state of the art, computerized cargo tracking system called Odyssey. Odyssey is a Windows based client/server system that traces purchase order line and sub line items through receiving, export packing and forwarding to final delivery. Odyssey creates all necessary shipping documentation and prepares reports for our clients so that they can follow an individual purchase order component through each stage of its transport to the final destination.  For high value or sensitive shipments requiring advanced tracking capability, Kinetix offers continuous, real-time visibility to your assets via the installation of a tracking device that uses Iridium, GPS, RFID and other wireless sensors to pinpoint its location via Google Earth mapping.

Risk Management & Claims Resolution

Protecting the personal possessions of the transferees we move is paramount to Kinetix. We maintain a finely tuned risk management program to ensure the maximum full replacement coverage is in place prior to any servicing. In the rare occurrence that a Kinetix placed move results in loss or damage, we provide a transferee friendly and rapid claims process in order to ensure that employee productivity is not hindered due a lengthy settlement process. Claims occurrence ratios and settlement times are key performance indicators in awarding business to our service partners.