Door-to-Door Services

International moving services are planned using a door-to-door timeline. Kinetix International assumes the responsibility as client advocate to ensure that all providers employed deliver their specialty services in the most satisfactory, complete and cost effective manner available. Kinetix oversees each phase of this process and works “directly” with all specialists in order to provide a seamless and effective move. Our expert Transportation Counselors work both individually with each provider, while coordinating the process to meet their committed timeline. Further, Kinetix negotiates each phase of the door-to-door process to deliver a competitive bottom-line.

Related Services

Independent Network of Agents

Kinetix International utilizes an independent network of pre-qualified international origin and destination agents regardless of van line or industry affiliation. The international agents we employ to perform export pack, load, transportation and delivery services are measured through a series of key performance indicators which are reviewed quarterly in order to maintain satisfactory service consistency. The Kinetix operation’s charter avoids business relationships built on reciprocity, which has been a traditional yet not client advantageous process for years.

Expertise in Developing Countries

Kinetix International specializes in providing world class international moving services for growth corporations, and US Government Agencies and their contractors operating in developing companies. Our institutional knowledge of the Federal Acquisition Regulations (FAR), global transportation infrastructures and country specific customs procedures positions us as one of the most unique moving providers for the international development community. Our past performance of operating in complex environments for USAID, the Peace Corps and the US Department of State provides our clients with confidence in our abilities in this unique market.

Licensed Ocean & Freight Forwarding

Kinetix International is a TSA certified Indirect Air Carrier and FMC licensed Ocean Transportation Intermediary that negotiates and manages household goods moving services worldwide. Our team of highly trained specialists coordinates the door- to – door management of both service delivery and communications. Kinetix defines a custom transportation plan for each shipment with emphasis on transit time, cost effectiveness, risk management and shipment integrity through to completion. When handling shipments to developing countries, Kinetix maintains a contingency plan should geographic conditions dictate change. Kinetix regularly monitors the shipment from door- to – door to ensure the timely and safe arrival of the transferee’s personal effects.