Domestic Services

Kinetix Relocation specializes in the design and delivery of innovative programs for organizations of all sizes. Whether our clients transfer the occasional new hire or have a mature program that relocates senior executives on a regular basis, Kinetix is prepared to deliver a best in class process to ensure a smooth and cost effective move and an exceptional employee experience anywhere in the world.

Independent Agent / Van Line Selection

Kinetix International utilizes an independent network of pre-qualified agents regardless of van line affiliation. The agents we employ to perform pack, load and delivery services are measured through a series of key performance indicators which are reviewed quarterly in order to maintain successful service consistency. Traditional domestic van lines contracts limit the selection of agents without complete objectivity, while Kinetix is able to focus solely on the performance strengths of our service partners when assigning business.


Pre-Move Surveys

Every Kinetix International household goods moves requires that we perform a pre-move survey in order to ensure that policy, move requirements and cost accuracy are defined at the onset of the process. The survey results are inspected to further ensure that the proper labor team is provided, all necessary packing materials are available, enough van space is reserved, and realistic service dates for pack, load and delivery are committed. Proper tariff application and post-move invoice auditing begin with the pre-move survey.

Small Shipment Program

New hires and single corporate transferees often have fewer possessions than families with full size homes, etc. Kinetix has designed a “small shipment program” which reduces the range of service delivery dates, while further reducing the cost of the move and extended temporary living requirements often caused by smaller shipments.

Storage Management

Kinetix International understands there is occasionally a the need for storage of personal effects when service requirements mandate, so Kinetix has negotiated favorable storage rates in state of art facilities in every state. Kinetix ensures that the assigned warehousing and labor at pre-qualified facilities meet defined standards in order to maintain the safety and integrity of the transferee’s possessions.

Risk Management & Claims Resolution

Protecting the personal possessions of the transferees we move is paramount to Kinetix. We maintain a finely tuned risk management program to ensure the maximum full replacement coverage is in place prior to any servicing. In the rare occurrence that a Kinetix placed move results in loss or damage, we provide a transferee friendly and rapid claims process in order to ensure that employee productivity is not hindered due a lengthy settlement process. Claims occurrence ratios and settlement times are key performance indicators in awarding business to our service partners.


Internal Pre-Invoice Auditing

Cost accuracy is vital to the proper planning and management of all successful relocation programs. Kinetix International provides an invoice auditing process that actually begins with the pre-move survey and is completed upon the delivery and termination of all service requirements. Our team of specialists audits each carrier invoice for policy adherence, estimate accuracy, exceptions approval, risk management, tariff application and bottom-line accuracy. Our valued clients know that Kinetix is fully accountable for invoice accuracy and cost sensitivity.